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Main entrance through the garden

MERCADANTE: Two twin apartments are situated in a nice building very close to Villa Borghese, one of the most beautiful Villas in Rome.

The main entrance is guarded by a doorman. Just in front of the main entrance, both on its exiting left and right, you can find two historical entrances to the Villa (see photo). Such a unique and special location will make your journey in Rome fantastic. This is a perfect base also for going around the city centre. In ten minutes walk you can get to the gorgeous Piazza del Popolo where everybody goes to relax and have a coffee, via del Corso, one of the most busy shopping streets in town, and the renowned Via Veneto.

The two apartments are well furnished with a modern touch, TV set DVD , kitchen with microw-oven, and have a comfortable atmosphere.

You can get laundry and housekeeping service by agreement with the doorman, for a reasonable fee.

Apartments Via Mercadante, ROME - ITALY

  • Very close to Villa Borghese

  • Bedroom with double bed

  • Living and kitchenette

  • Fridge, Microwave oven

  • TV-set w DVD player

  • Bathroom w washing tub

  • Doorman can provide housekeeping and laundry services

  • Lift


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Via Mercadante and GoogleEarth.

GoogleEarth installed required. Download it  here. Then click on the above link,   choose "run" or "open": you will fly to Mercadante.